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The trusted name in Northern Ontario

Our manufacturing facility uses the best technology to design pre-engineered trusses that meet all building code requirements. We optimize all our trusses to ensure that you receive the best price possible. We also have computer-generated designs, computerized equipment and a laser-guided truss layout to ensure that we deliver a superior product to your project site.

Guide for Handling, Installing, Restraining and Bracing of Trusses

Truss Plate Institute of Canada Website

We Can Bring Your Plans to Life


Strength. Durability. Adjustability.

Northern Truss is a proud supplier of Open Joist TRIFORCE®.  TRIFORCE®offers many advantages:

• Solid sawn kiln-dried chords and webs
• A quality OSB structural panel
• A triangulated configuration
• Triangulation joints glued
• Guaranteed quality

Download the Spec Guide

Open Joist TRIFORCE® Website

Save Money. Enhance Quality. Reduce Waste.

Northern Truss can pre-fabricate your walls. Pre-fabricating your walls in our facility saves on framing time, reduces wood waste and enhances quality because they are built in a controlled environment and not exposed to the elements.

No project is too big – garages, hotels, schools, multi-units.  We can do it.

Contact us today to learn about our custom solutions to meet your project’s timelines and budget.

Stronger. Flatter. Superior.

Northern Truss can supply laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and glulam beams and LVL studs.  LVL beams eliminate shrinking, splitting and twisting. They also deliver flatter, quieter floors and structures. Our beams are manufactured in multiple widths and depths.


Custom hangers can also be supplied for complex structures.


We have solutions for the most complex projects

Our experienced team will manufacture any project. We are client focused, we believe in exceptional quality, timely delivery and managing cost. You can trust Northern Truss to deliver your custom project on time and on budget.

Some of our custom projects:  Concrete formwork, pre-assembled truss packages and more.  For example, we can erect pre-assembled truss packages in approximately 1.5 hours in comparison to installation that can take 1.5 days.  We are Your Wood Structure Solution!

Trusted Suppliers

We work with the best suppliers in the industry. We enjoy excellent working relationships and share the same core values. Our goal – to bring you the best product and quality workmanship at the best price.

Your Home – Where Your Story Begins

Northern Truss’ 3D design software can bring your plans to life. We will work with your preferred home builder to achieve your vision and make it a reality.